Can the battery be removed for charging?

The battery is integrated into the lower frame tube and cannot be removed for charging. Our e-bikes are charged via a connection at the bottom of the seat tube. However, since our BZEN bikes are very light (from  14,5 kg), they can be easily carried to the socket. The battery can only be removed for repair or maintenance purposes.  

However, the fact that the battery sits firmly in the frame has some distinctive advantages.   

In addition to the resulting lower weight of our e-bikes, this also allows us to have a very balanced bike when it comes to overall weight distribution and riding experience. This means that all the weight is not in the back or too much in the front, as is the case with many regular city e-bikes. This makes riding our bikes safer, as you won’t lose  your balance while sitting on the bike or getting off. The lightness and balance also allows you to ride our bikes without any assistance and offers a riding experience similar to that of regular non electric assisted  bikes. In addition, the integration of the battery protects it better from the elements. Moreover, it just cannot be stolen.