Which drivetrain should I choose? The traditional 9-speed derailleur from Shimano or the single speed belt drive from Gates?

Belt drives have the great advantage of being almost maintenance-free. In addition, they are lighter, quieter and cleaner than a derailleur. In short words your clothes don’t get any drivetrain dirt on them. In addition, this form of drive is less complex and has a longer life. The downside is that you can’t shift between different gears, which can require a bit more effort from you on longer climbs. 

Derailleurs have the advantage of giving you more flexibility when going uphill, as you can choose the gear that suits you best – with as well as without motor assistance. Also, any mechanic knows how to fix them. On the other hand, a chain is dirtier, heavier and requires more maintenance (e.g., cleaning, applying new lubricant, etc.). 

Bottom line: if you live in a hilly region and like to do some longer tours, a derailleur is more advantageous. However, if you live in a flatter region and use your bike primarily for commuting/riding around town, the Gates belt drive is a good choice. 

It’s best to just try it out at one of our BZEN Ambassadors or official service partners: test ride | BZEN Bikes