Which models does BZEN offer?

We offer five different models where each of them has its own and different style.  


Our Amsterdam e-bike is modern and has the timeless design of a traditional city bike. It stands for pure comfort. On our Amsterdam you have well balance and upright-seated position.
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Our Vienna e-bike is the perfect superlight e-bike for bikers who prefer low step in to facilitate getting on and off the bike and a short reach to the ground with feet to secure their safety while biking in the city.
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Our Brussels e-bike is a comfortable, modern urban commuter. Its’ geometry is exactly for environments which are mostly flat but can also sometimes be quite hilly. Our Brussels provides a slight forward sitting position.
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Our London e-bike is a perfect combination of legendary design and optimal comfort. With curved handlebar and adjustable stem your sitting position is straight and relaxed.
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Our Milano e-bike is the sporty one, with a carbon fork, a straight handlebar, and a geometry that makes it highly responsive.  The bike is mounted with Gates carbon belt drive.
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