Which drivetrain should I choose? The traditional 9-speed derailleur from Shimano or the single speed belt drive from Gates?

Belt drives have the great advantage of being almost maintenance-free. In addition, they are lighter, quieter and cleaner than a derailleur. In short words your clothes don’t get any drivetrain dirt on them. In addition, this form of drive is less complex and has a longer life. The downside is that you can’t shift between … Read more

Which is the right frame size for me?

To know which frame size is the right one for you, please check the geometry table for our different models. They indicate the frame size, which we advise for your height. If you have measured your height and you are between two frame sizes, you might consider taking the smaller one. In case the frame … Read more

Where can I test a BZEN bike?

If you wish to test ride our bikes, they are available through our network of BZEN Ambassador’s and official service centers, which is continuously growing.   You can find your closest test ride possibility under the following link: test ride | BZEN Bikes  Once you have chosen an ambassador or service center, you will be contacted … Read more

What if I don’t have a test ride location near me?

Iif you hesitate to buy a BZEN   because you don’t have an opportunity to test it near to you, we are happy to offer you a free 30 days return period for the bike of your choice (15 days for Outlet bikes). Order it, have it delivered to your home and if you do not … Read more