What does BZEN stand for?

We at BZEN (pronounced “be zen”) are a team of friends, engineers in search of new solutions to freely commute in our cities. Go to work, go to the bar, go shopping, all without constraint, without traffic jams, or sweat… and fast! At BZEN, we design smart-superlight electric city bikes for safe, clean, comfortable and … Read more

Which models does BZEN offer?

We offer five different models where each of them has its own and different style.   Amsterdam Our Amsterdam e-bike is modern and has the timeless design of a traditional city bike. It stands for pure comfort. On our Amsterdam you have well balance and upright-seated position.Find out more here. Vienna Our Vienna e-bike is the … Read more

Where can I find the frame number?

The frame number, in our case called BIN (bike identification number), is always mentioned on your invoice. For our 2021 and 2022 models, the number is engraved on the downside of the frame where the bottom bracket is situated. It can be seen when you remove the protective plastic cable cover. For our previous 2019 … Read more