Assembly instructions

  1. The tools needed for assembly are packed in the box with the charger.
  2. Remove all the protection material from the bike.
  3. Loosen the two side screws of the stem and turn the handlebar. After aligning the handlebar, tighten securely the two side bolts of the stem using tool A. DO NOT adjust the top cap screw!
  4. Amsterdam ONLY: Unscrew the four bolts of the stem face plate. Adjust the angle of the handlebar. Using tool A, tighten securely and evenly the four bolts of the stem face plate. Make sure that there is an even gap on the top and the bottom of the stem faceplate.
  5. Pedals are marked left (L) and right (R).
  6. Screw in the pedals with your hands according to the direction shown by the picture. At the end, tighten firmly using tool B.
  7. Adjust the height of the saddle using tool A.
  8. If you are not sitting comfortably, adjust the saddle inclination (rear/front) using tool A.
  9. After assembling the bike, it is necessary to fully charge the battery according to the instructions found on the charger.